Sexy Beaches Around The World

  • Paradise Beach – St. John, US Virgin Islands
    There are a million beaches in the world with this name but this one, which is rather secluded, is an adults-only beach. Recognized as Paradise Island's most breathtaking stretch of sand, Paradise Beach retains a sultry sense of seclusion for visitors on the otherwise bustling island. Get respite from the shimmering sun (or a touch of privacy with your special someone) under one of the chikees, or thatched huts, that dot the beach. But be careful – there are plenty of couples on this beach in addition to incredibly attractive single ladies, so you might walk in on someone’s honeymoon if you go at sunset or at night.
  • Santorini Greece
    There's just something about the island of Santorini that makes otherwise normal people go wild. This topless beach might be the most quiet on our list of sexy beaches, but it doesn't lack in intensity. With white and blue buildings all around you, perched on hills, and crystal clear water below, the seclusion and serenity of Santorini is the perfect place for honeymooners, travelers and even locals to lay back, take their tops off and get some rays.
  • Manly Beach, Australia
    This ultimate sexy beach has a sexy name and lives up to it! Though there are dozens of gorgeous beaches lining coasts of Australia, Manly is popular among the athletic set and high-class vacationers. Girls at Manly Beach are automatically hotter than your average chicks because they’re Australian. Add in some rockin’ beach bodies and you’ve got yourself a must-visit destination as a single guy.
  • Smathers Beach
    Florida - Smathers Beach Florida, on Key West, is one of the finest beaches in the Keys. Of course, that is assuming you like a sun-kissed beach, crystal clear blue water and gorgeous white sand. The water there is incredibly clear, so you’ll see plenty of turtles, fish and incredibly sexy bodies of the locals. Smathers has become an unofficial topless or nude beach mainly because the island is so large, it's easy to find your own little private area and no one will be the wiser.
  • Ibiza Spain
    You can find clubs on every corner in Ibiza, particularly around the beaches, with scantily clad partygoers everywhere - and all this on a beautiful beach. In the summer months, particularly July and August, when the heat is at its highest, you can find attractive young things running around in bathing suits, or even topless, 'til sunrise in the morning. When we things get wild on the beaches of Ibiza, just know that’s a big-time understatement.
  • Rio Ipanema, Brazil
    With bronzed skin, large smiles and dangerous curves, the women and men of Ipanema seem almost other worldly. Try not to stare at the women of all shapes and sizes sporting 'fio dental,' dental floss bikinis, and men wearing the tiniest speedos that make this one of the sexiest beaches in the world. The term “sun-kissed skin” is redefined in Ipanema and the curves on the ladies there are otherworldly.
  • Venice Beach, California
    Skateboarders. Surfers. Shirtless rollerbladers and Muscle Beach weightlifters... the sporty-sexiness is out of control. From daisy duke shorts to health fans exercising in bathing suits, you'll find some of the most attractive Americans across the country all in this one spot. The best thing about the lovely ladies at Venice is there are so many people and so much activity that their swimwear is very minimal. In other words, they’re not afraid to show some skin.
  • Sandy Beach, Puerto Rico
    Located in Rincón, about 2 hours west of San Juan, this beach is a surf haven for pros and novices alike. This chill beach has the talent without the attitude. A very hot spot for surfing, this Puerto Rican beach is also known for the incredible eye candy it boasts. The demographic at this beach is mostly young, attractive women (many of whom surf), so it’s a hot vacation spot for single guys.
  • South Beach, Miami
    Welcome to the hottest spot in Florida, where the bikini is the suit of choice, and tousled hair is a trademark of the modelesque residents. Notorious for all the celebrities and models who hang out there, you will definitely see plenty of good-looking ladies in South Beach, especially during the summer. Seeking more exposure? Drive 30 minutes north to the clothing-optional Haulover Beach.
  • Grand Plage France
    This is a surfing hot spot and when we say surfing, we mean the pros. That’s right – the lovely ladies who surf in very nice "uniforms" compete here each year. Even when they’re not competing, the locals are always out to play while not wearing much…and they’re smokin’ hot.
  • Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
    In the place called paradise, you’ll find plenty of hot girls in good shape with nice tans. But the best part about this beach (and really all beaches in Hawaii) is you get a great mix of local girls and tourists. You’re especially lucky if you catch some European girls on holiday in Hawaii. They like to do their own thing fashion-wise on the beach if you catch our drift.
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